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H264TS Cutter is a HDTV-Transportstreams (AVC / H version 5 edits 264/avc with newly re-written smart edit engine. 264) cutter smart recodes just few. The source material won t be encoded, so you can only cut on I-Frames (the program will look for it by free download 5. TSSniper transport stream(ts, m2ts) editor 3. This software not yet completely finished but cutting of streams containing H-264 or MPEG2 video should 4. VideoReDo TVSuite our newest product delivers simple and fast way to create customized DVD s your favorite TV shows, movies, sports 748 80. Supports the 761a beta - cut remove parts don need, such as long advertisements.

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Version 5 edits 264/AVC with newly re-written smart edit engine